Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Think Im Turning Japanese, I Think Im Turning Japanese, I Really Think So

Well...only 7 weeks after getting home from my last overseas trip...i've booked another one, yay! Even though I had promised myself to not take on the stress of saving for atleast another 6 months, I just couldnt say no to some super cheap flights to YES, im doing it again.
Some of my friends are confused as to why I am so obsessed with Japan, here are just a few reasons, in no particular order (there are hundreds more believe me!)


While the majority of machines in Japan are stocked with drinks, snacks, and cigarettes, one occasionally finds vending machines selling items such as booze, fried food, undies, ipods, potted plants and.....ummmm.....even lubricant! Japan now has one machine for every 23 people....and thats alot!


You wont find these guys anywhere else in the World! Up high in the hills past Nagano, you'll come across these amazing little fella's. Day in, day out, they bathe in the hot springs. The little baby ones are the cutest things imaginable! They live just a short trip from Yudanaka, at Jigokudani Yaen-koen (if you're heading up there stay at Uotoshi Ryokan - they have hot corn soup in there vending machine for just 100yen, haha!)


Impossible not to love! Miyazaki is a legend, and has been termed the 'Walt Disney' of Japan.
You can visit his museum (Ghibli Museum) in Mitaka, just outside Tokyo. There is a giant Totoro to meet you, and a giant Cat Bus inside. Its so much fun! :)


Mmmmmmmmm Scrummy! Japanese curry with fried chicken or pork schnitzel. You can usually pick up a delicious, and very large bowl for under ten bucks....yummo.

(and other Japanese Plush Toys)

Even though mass produced, once you pick one of these little guys up, theres not walking out of the store without the exchange of a few hundred yen! (Dont say I didnt warn you).

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