Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Since I've Been Loving Elvgren

I am totally in 'lurve' with this lovely new book I bought from Polyester on Bruswick St....
Ooooh and here is the link,

Its titled 'Gil Elvgren-The Complete Pin-ups', and I got it for a sweet $39.95 (yes, bargin)!
Apart from 100's of cute pin-up prints from the 1930s to the 1970s, its also chocka-block of juicy deets about the life of 'the' most important pin-up and glamour artist of the twentieth century, Gil Elvgren.


  1. Yay!! Fried undies... what a minute did I read that correctly!! SOOO, inspiring!! I'm heading to Japan in 4 days and I'm totally inspired by your posts. Thank you for sharing your adventures!!!

  2. That was suppose to be 'wait a minute' fried undies!!! Damn this red wine : )

  3. Oh dear, I'm on completely the wrong post,, DAME you RED WINE!!!

  4. But HEllo, Banana Smoothies for Strawberry Sundays!!!!! Hi!