Friday, October 22, 2010

Positive Posters

Check out all the posters entered into the 'Positive Posters' international poster compeition here. ...and here are a few of my personal favorites :)

Spoilt Rotten!

This week I celebrated my 28th year of existence in this crazy topsy turvy world...and what a day I had! My little love took me out for yum cha in china town (mmmm dumplings for breakfast...nom nom nom) and then to the zoo, then my beautiful sister cooked me a deluxe vegetarian dinner, topped off with a glass of wine and a vegan apple/raspberry birthday cake (wowza's....from Sugardough on Lygon St) it was a glorious sunny day in Melbourne, and I felt like a very lucky little kid indeed!

And the spoiling didnt stop there....I was given such lovely, amazing gifts....including some wizz bang german vegetable chopping device (it does have a name...I just cant pronounce it), a beautiful red french tagine (yippee!), the cutest red swimmers ive ever laid eyes on, japanese sewing books (my mum is a legend) and my very own copy of David Bowie, Underground (yes, I know you remember that song from the Labyrinth) on vinyl, complete with dub and dance versions, yessssssssssssssss.....what else could a girl want in life hey! :)

'Happy Gloves' - make softies out of a single unwanted glove....awwwww
Red stripe bathers, with bows and buttons.....check

Thursday, October 14, 2010