Saturday, June 26, 2010

One Happy Island, One Happy Boy

This is one of my new favorite etsy stores....One Happy Island. They do lovely tshirts/hoodies etc screenprinted with their cockel-warming designs! I made a little purchase for my darling boy, how could I resist!? Check out the store here:

Raw Classes in Melbourne

Hey hey. Following on from my post yesterday, if anyone is interested in learning more about the art of raw food and preparation and handy nutritional tips, then the awesome kids at 'LIFE' are throwing classes in Melbourne, Brissie, and The Goldie August-October...I'll definetly be heading along to the one in Melbourne, very exciting! Check out the dates here


Friday, June 25, 2010

RawVolution = YUM!

My lovely little husband brought me home a present yesterday (yip yip yipeee)...Matt Amsden's Book, RawVolution. And 'oh golly' is it DELECTABLE or what! Only problem is that alot of the recipe's require one to have a nifty lil dehydrator...might need to go out and do some weekend purchasing me thinks! Some of his delicious recipe's are also available online, so have a squiz (here!

So...if I lived in the states I would be ordering little rawvolution boxes from his company (The Box weekly....or daily...or bi-daily....who knows what i'd be capable of, or what dress size I could get up to! delicous delicious delicious :)

Hmmm...while we're on the topic of raw delectable recipes, have you met my friend 'Chocolate Avocado Mousse'? oh geeezzz.... well you'd better head over to Gena's blog (Choosing Raw) this is the recipe that I think works the best...and I may be guilty of making this little treat weekly! Quick....go here

Monday, June 14, 2010

Delightful Decorations!

Only 5 days left before we get to throw my big sis an amazing 30th birthday party!
Ive been working on decorations for a couple of weeks now, we're going to fill the whole room with lovely hanging flowers (tissue pom poms), in pinks and whites. I have a whole room of my house covered in them at the moment, they are so pretty! and actually very easy to make for yourself...Super Tip: dont pay $17 on etsy for these, they will cost you about $1 to make 3, but are a little time consuming...a perfect project for the cold Melbourne weekends at the moment!

This photo (above) shows how to make a 'small' pom pom. The 1st photo, as you can see, are large pom poms. So just adjust the size of the paper etc to how big you would like your pom pom to end up.

What You'll Need: Tissue Paper (buy packets that contain 8-10 sheets, very easy to find at $2 shops), steel wire, plyers/scissors, time, and a 'soft' touch (they rip easily, so its important to be very gentle)

Lay out 5-10 (depending on how big/full you want them to end up) layers of tissue paper, and fold like an acordian in apporx. 5cm folds

Cut about 7cm of steel wire, and wrap this around the centre of the folded tissue paper

Cut the ends of the tissue paper, either round it off or dogtooth/triangle the ends (depending on the effect you want)

Very very carefully (take your time with this) seperate each layer of tissue paper and fluff out... once you have completed one side, move to the other...and then you're done! Yippppeeee

Lovely arent they!