Sunday, November 7, 2010

Monday Happiness

I love Mondays. I always have them off work, and my sister 99% of the time does also, go team!
I especially love mondays when brunch (involving mushrooms, meredith goats fetta, and baby beet leaves), sunshine, 50c pintox with my favorite people, new play things (see below!), fleetwood mac and bon iver, crafting, and bike riding are involved...
and who in their right mind wouldnt!!

My mum and dad (the funny little creatures they are) popped over to melbourne this weekend, on their way to a delicious couple of weeks in Ubud, as you can imagine, I am extremely jealous of this... but they did come armed with treats....A box FULL of seedlings from mums garden, including feverfew, purple sage, lemon balm, and some other nifty herbs that will come in handy over the party season....but wait thats not also brought over his much loved combi for my sis and I to share, holy crap-e-ola! Thanks dad!! As you can see, it fits in my back yard with only a half a centimeter to spare....but it fits.. it fits! yippeeee....there were some tense minutes there very early on a sunday morning. Im not sure what we'll name him yet, I am quite keen on 'bruce' but will need to get Sarah's go ahead before its official. I love him, he is so red and cushioned up, and he is full of tibetan trinkets of my mums. He wont get his first big run until Meredith (Dec 10th), but he shall be recieving copious amounts of love and attention until his melbourne debut.

At the moment I am also preparing for the Fitzroy Market on Dec 4th, oh you should come!

"Hello, im a disposable dress. How do you do?" My very sweet friend Brad gave this little doozy to me for my birthday a couple of weeks ago, he bought it from an Op shop in texas, its so great that its still wrapped up in its original packaging etc. How hilarious, I cant get my head past the fact that they apparently were 'VERY BIG' in the 50's! Some of my favorite quotes from the packet include "for today's swingers, partying...funning...', 'do not launder - this would remove fire retardent, making it highly flammable', 'for economical, launderless, throw away convenience!' and my favorite 'can be a jumper'!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Positive Posters

Check out all the posters entered into the 'Positive Posters' international poster compeition here. ...and here are a few of my personal favorites :)

Spoilt Rotten!

This week I celebrated my 28th year of existence in this crazy topsy turvy world...and what a day I had! My little love took me out for yum cha in china town (mmmm dumplings for breakfast...nom nom nom) and then to the zoo, then my beautiful sister cooked me a deluxe vegetarian dinner, topped off with a glass of wine and a vegan apple/raspberry birthday cake (wowza's....from Sugardough on Lygon St) it was a glorious sunny day in Melbourne, and I felt like a very lucky little kid indeed!

And the spoiling didnt stop there....I was given such lovely, amazing gifts....including some wizz bang german vegetable chopping device (it does have a name...I just cant pronounce it), a beautiful red french tagine (yippee!), the cutest red swimmers ive ever laid eyes on, japanese sewing books (my mum is a legend) and my very own copy of David Bowie, Underground (yes, I know you remember that song from the Labyrinth) on vinyl, complete with dub and dance versions, yessssssssssssssss.....what else could a girl want in life hey! :)

'Happy Gloves' - make softies out of a single unwanted glove....awwwww
Red stripe bathers, with bows and buttons.....check

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Home is where the Heart is

Last weekend I went back home to Tassie, to spend the weekend lounging around my family home, reading books and sipping tea, and having lovely chats with my mum. I love being home, sometimes I wish I could stay there forever, but then I realise how I wouldnt be able to miss it if I did.

These are my beautiful little beasts, lizzy and babe, I love them to little pieces. They were sitting on the deck, soaking up some Vitamin D with me

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Camera Crazy Monday! i've gone abit photo crazy this afternoon, I'm blaming it on cabin fever from it being too damn cold outside and being couped up inside all day...ive gone abit bonkers I do admit. So here are some more lil snaps of whats been going on at TramFriends headquaters lately..

TramFriends - out of hibernation....well, almost!

TramFriends has been a little slow on the production line of late, but the chilly Melbourne weather of the last couple of days has meant eve's at home, and more needle & thread for me!
Here's a couple of little bits and pieces that i've been working on..

Teeny Tiny Felt Mushrooms

Baby Sock Owls

Piglet Cushion

Im also working hard on new pieces for the Fitzroy Market, on Sat September 4th... if you're in Melbourne town come along and play :)

Friday, July 30, 2010

What's Cookin' Good Lookin?

Mmmmmmm....found these pics on the Frankie blog today, and its given me anticipation anxiety over what I should have for dinner this chilly Friday night...Oh food, glorious food!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Much-a Mucha

Alfonso Mucha is one of my all time favorite artists....naturally he is who ive been drawing inspiration from when planning and plotting for my long planned up and coming tattoo....(*note. this could happen between 3 and 30000 days from now!*) How amazing are these chicka's and there amazing 'wearable' art (pics from!
Jealous Much-A!! :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

*Tokyo Dreamin* you probably have already noticed, im a little obsessed with Japan, and all things related! Having been there 3 times in the past 2 years, and starting to stew up the plans for my next visit (shhhhh dont tell Trent!), I revisited some of my travel photo albums today, and this photo made me very envious of the ace vintage fashion finds in Tokyo, especially around the Harajuku area... We were just having a little stroll through Yoyogi Park, and noticed a lot of awesome'ly dressed teenages heading to a carpark with bags, suitcases and boxes of their unwanted of course we followed....boy did we follow!! And this is what happened within a couple of minutes...100's of piles of clothes, laid out on the ground of the carpark for anyone to rummage through and make an offer on... *Rummage*Rummage*Rummage*

If you're planning on going to Tokyo you should be able to find a few flea markets every weekend, and I promise they're worth the effort! Most of my finds cost just 100yen (and that is a whole lot cheaper than 'Savers' people!!) The biggest ones are held at Meiji Park, Shinjuku Chuo Park and yes also Yoyogi Park. There are also other flea markets near the Sunshine Building in Ikebukuro and near the Shinjuku Mitsui Building....
And on the topic of the ace'ness of Japanese fashion...check out these lovely little photo's by Hakan Photography.....Geeeeeeeeeez I love Japan! xx

Saturday, June 26, 2010

One Happy Island, One Happy Boy

This is one of my new favorite etsy stores....One Happy Island. They do lovely tshirts/hoodies etc screenprinted with their cockel-warming designs! I made a little purchase for my darling boy, how could I resist!? Check out the store here:

Raw Classes in Melbourne

Hey hey. Following on from my post yesterday, if anyone is interested in learning more about the art of raw food and preparation and handy nutritional tips, then the awesome kids at 'LIFE' are throwing classes in Melbourne, Brissie, and The Goldie August-October...I'll definetly be heading along to the one in Melbourne, very exciting! Check out the dates here


Friday, June 25, 2010

RawVolution = YUM!

My lovely little husband brought me home a present yesterday (yip yip yipeee)...Matt Amsden's Book, RawVolution. And 'oh golly' is it DELECTABLE or what! Only problem is that alot of the recipe's require one to have a nifty lil dehydrator...might need to go out and do some weekend purchasing me thinks! Some of his delicious recipe's are also available online, so have a squiz (here!

So...if I lived in the states I would be ordering little rawvolution boxes from his company (The Box weekly....or daily...or bi-daily....who knows what i'd be capable of, or what dress size I could get up to! delicous delicious delicious :)

Hmmm...while we're on the topic of raw delectable recipes, have you met my friend 'Chocolate Avocado Mousse'? oh geeezzz.... well you'd better head over to Gena's blog (Choosing Raw) this is the recipe that I think works the best...and I may be guilty of making this little treat weekly! Quick....go here