Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Road Kill Toys - wrong has never been so right!

Ok....so I first saw some photos of these on an email, and later tried to find out more about these amazing plushies by typing 'intestines road kill plush' into Google....please dont make that mistake, its not pretty what results google kindly finds for you in under 3 seconds (ewwww)....so ive made it easy for you, simply go to http://www.roadkilltoys.com/

So far Adam, Mike and Charlie (who describe themselves as 'toy terrorists') have created three lovable squashed-plush characters; Twitch, Grind and Splodge.
Each comes complete with plastic body bag to keep out the maggots, and an identity tag on toe, giving the details of its demise.
My favorite is Twitch (above) a raccoon, who was run over by a milk float last Thursday, near the Hangar Lane Giratory system in London. Poor little Twitch!
There's something so very wrong, but Ohhhhh so right about road-kill-toys....and I Want One!!

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