Tuesday, August 16, 2011

.....Doily Obsession

Ok.....So after the last post, I've found another million doily projects I want to try out....

Want to see?

Doily Globes

Doily Envelopes

Doily Wreath

Looks like I need to buy a truck load of doilys hey!!

Doily Garland

Yay, a little project that i'm going to try out on the weekend.... (thanks to Martha Stewart...shhhhhh). Care to join me?

1. Go out for a delicious brunch, and on your way home stop by some $2 shops (intouch imports on Smith St is a personal favorite of mine!) and secure yourself a lovely big bunch of round doily's. If you'd prefer to do all of your shopping in the comfort of your warm home, these gorgeous hand dyed pretties are available from PrettieParties here.

2. Fold the doilys in half, then in half again. Then scrunch a little in the centre to make them look like little ruffled flowers.

3. Thread flowers through yarn, and into a wreath or onto wire.

And this is what it might look like if you make a chandelier for a wedding reception with it...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hello Crafty Weekends. I've Missed You!

I did it! I actually kept my promise to myself of not doing a single thing over the weekend, except read, drink chai, and make things all in the comfort of my little lop sided house.... and I did it! So, with a flood of new bits and bobs being made, and nowhere to keep them all, the TramFriends etsy store is back up and running, hooray! If you're in the market for some lovely new bunting, some envelopes for letter writing goodness, or perhaps a pretty vintage brooch for your best friend, check us out!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

No Standing!!

Bless You!

These are darn cute, dont you think?

As I warned in a previous post, ive gone a little wedding crazy, cause my one and only sis is getting hitched next May.....and I plan on using this excuse for any future wedding or love related blogging activity...done.

How adorable are these custom printed vintage hankies as wedding favors! and you can even get a sweet little paper band printed up for them.....So very sweet!

You can purchase from BenignObjects etsy store here