Sunday, June 21, 2009

Perfect Weather For Sewing Up A Storm!

Well, as previously mentioned, Melbourne is one chilly city at the moment. Ive been staying indoors more and more as winter sets in, and ive decided its definetly the season to be sewing!

I made a couple of plushies for a friend last week, and also started a tooth series that ive been day dreaming about for a while now....ive named this little molar 'pink eye susan', and the little girl is called 'Poppy'.

This week I was perving on some other clever crafty peoples plushies. I couldnt find the name of the amazing crafter behind these little asian food inspired plushies, so I cant say 'thanks for bringing a massive smile to my face', but I can pass them on to do the same to all you lovelies out there :)

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