Saturday, May 2, 2009

Shake Shake Shake

A recent (but bound to stick around for a while) little obsession of mine is old salt & pepper shakers, especially bird sets. Im trying to build a little bit of a collection, though im too scared to use any of them incase they get hurt!

My favorite's so far are my little 1950's green robin (which my fantastic little husband got me for my birthday last year), and a pair of cockatoo's (well....atleast I think thats what they are!?).

I LOVE SUNDAYS........hard.
It seems to be the day I have most luck in finding little bits and pieces at markets/2nd hand stores/vintage stores etc. Today I bought these mushroom shakers from Lost & Found market in Smith St Collingwood, theyre still in their original packaging, I wish I knew abit about their story - where they came from? who they were bought for? and why the heck they havent been opened yet!! Very interesting little fungi's indeed


  1. Ooohhhhh! I love them!! I LOVE THE BIRD!!!

    You know I started collecting salt n pepper shakers too so that I could use them as my wedding bomboniere but then I thought I can never part from them!!

    Check out this photo of my collection here

    I love your blog name!!!


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