Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pretty Little Ones

I bought these earings a few weeks ago on an 'impulse' buying kind of day, from a beading shop in the city for a bargin price. But...alas...they're clip ons, and I havent worn them yet, so im thinking of selling them on ebay. I know they'll look dangerously wonderful on the right person!

Ive only just realised how many lovely earrings and necklaces I have hiding in my bathroom cabinet, and unpacked luggage from trips long gone! What to do with things you havent worn for longer than you can remember? Im thinking of attempting some conversions, earrings made into badges or 'implanted' into a bag or wallet....looks like a new little project for my crafty mondays!
Ive had such a wonderful weekend, so many yummy coffees and lots of snuggles, im scared of going to bed because that will mean the weekend is OFFICIALLY over....booooooo....but its 12.30 and I can hear someone snoring...I think the time has come :)


  1. i think your sister would look utterly fabulous in most, if not all of your creations :)