Friday, June 25, 2010

RawVolution = YUM!

My lovely little husband brought me home a present yesterday (yip yip yipeee)...Matt Amsden's Book, RawVolution. And 'oh golly' is it DELECTABLE or what! Only problem is that alot of the recipe's require one to have a nifty lil dehydrator...might need to go out and do some weekend purchasing me thinks! Some of his delicious recipe's are also available online, so have a squiz (here!

So...if I lived in the states I would be ordering little rawvolution boxes from his company (The Box weekly....or daily...or bi-daily....who knows what i'd be capable of, or what dress size I could get up to! delicous delicious delicious :)

Hmmm...while we're on the topic of raw delectable recipes, have you met my friend 'Chocolate Avocado Mousse'? oh geeezzz.... well you'd better head over to Gena's blog (Choosing Raw) this is the recipe that I think works the best...and I may be guilty of making this little treat weekly! Quick....go here

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