Sunday, November 7, 2010

Monday Happiness

I love Mondays. I always have them off work, and my sister 99% of the time does also, go team!
I especially love mondays when brunch (involving mushrooms, meredith goats fetta, and baby beet leaves), sunshine, 50c pintox with my favorite people, new play things (see below!), fleetwood mac and bon iver, crafting, and bike riding are involved...
and who in their right mind wouldnt!!

My mum and dad (the funny little creatures they are) popped over to melbourne this weekend, on their way to a delicious couple of weeks in Ubud, as you can imagine, I am extremely jealous of this... but they did come armed with treats....A box FULL of seedlings from mums garden, including feverfew, purple sage, lemon balm, and some other nifty herbs that will come in handy over the party season....but wait thats not also brought over his much loved combi for my sis and I to share, holy crap-e-ola! Thanks dad!! As you can see, it fits in my back yard with only a half a centimeter to spare....but it fits.. it fits! yippeeee....there were some tense minutes there very early on a sunday morning. Im not sure what we'll name him yet, I am quite keen on 'bruce' but will need to get Sarah's go ahead before its official. I love him, he is so red and cushioned up, and he is full of tibetan trinkets of my mums. He wont get his first big run until Meredith (Dec 10th), but he shall be recieving copious amounts of love and attention until his melbourne debut.

At the moment I am also preparing for the Fitzroy Market on Dec 4th, oh you should come!

"Hello, im a disposable dress. How do you do?" My very sweet friend Brad gave this little doozy to me for my birthday a couple of weeks ago, he bought it from an Op shop in texas, its so great that its still wrapped up in its original packaging etc. How hilarious, I cant get my head past the fact that they apparently were 'VERY BIG' in the 50's! Some of my favorite quotes from the packet include "for today's swingers, partying...funning...', 'do not launder - this would remove fire retardent, making it highly flammable', 'for economical, launderless, throw away convenience!' and my favorite 'can be a jumper'!

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