Thursday, July 23, 2009

.....Salinopeperophilia..... expensive addiction (that being of salt and pepper shakers)

For me, the 1950s 'Made in Japan' ceramic shakers are the most lovely, adorable, addictive, drool worthy of the lot...and this week has seen several new additions to my ever expanding collection. Here's a little sneak peak, the fawns (above) and little owls (below) I purchased on ETSY today, so once I have them in my hot little hands im sure I will re-post some photos! (yes...obession!)

The sets below (red cows and folk owls) were both beautiful little presents from my lovely husband and my sister, from camberwell markets on the weekend. While I was sitting cold at my stall, they were both out and about buying presents for me...what a lucky lucky girl I am!!


  1. ohmigoodness! i love the owls!
    and the gifts are super sweet :)

  2. Oh ! Lovely !! the fawns are so cute !