Sunday, June 5, 2011

Farwell More Lovelies....

Yes....its happened again....i've been spending up on a new winter wardrobe....and sticking to my 2011 creed of 'one in, one out' i've listed some more 'out' items on ebay...

My rule is that if I havent worn something for more than a year its put on "display" in my bedroom (which pretty much just means its placed on a hanger and positioned at the front of everything else so I wake up looking at it)....if after being on display for 1 week I still havent worn it, then its automatically placed on the 'out' list and popped onto ebay....yes this may end in tears in a couple of weeks, but for now i'm feeling ok about it :).....I think!!?!
If any of these tickle your fancy, or you want to see more of my 'out' items check them out here

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