Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gardening for peeps who don't suffer from vertigo!

How cool are these buildings! Its so refreshing to see some greenery in the concrete jungles of NY and London, and how cool would it be if 'vertical growing' became the norm in cities all around the globe!

Last week the 'World Green Roof Congress' was held in London. Designers, architects, and green thumbs all converged and showed off ideas, plans and dreams of converting dead space to growing flourishing plant life, and promoting biodiversity, but also slowing rainfall. We now experience increased heavy rainfall urban areas (predicted to get worse with climate change), coupled with increasing amounts of concrete. The result is a lot of flooding. Green roofs planted with sedum and grasses provide absorbent surfaces that slow down and manage these deluges. Yes, yay indeed!

Want to see more? Check out frenchman Patrick Blancs stuff here

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