Monday, February 22, 2010

Castle Lane, similar to Puddle Lane (pom pom pom pom pommmmm)

Come to the Brand Spanking NEW 'Castle Lane Markets' this coming weekend (Sat 27th Feb to be exact) at the Edinburgh Castle on Sydney Rd, Brunswick. TramFriends will be there, as i'm sure many other cute arty types will come along and join us.

"Think cobble stone streets, lolly pops, gin and tea cups, antiques, collectibles, artisan meets fashion frenzy flea markets... A mini ‘Montmartre’ of sorts, right on your doorstep... you’ve got it! The Castle Lane Bazaar Artist Market! Calling upon artists, jewellers, vintage dealers, cupcake master-chefs, painters, writers, photographers, fashion designers, book makers, sculptors, woodcarvers, home wares and trinkets and much more! This is your time to shine!"


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  1. I'll be keen to see how this goes as I live nearby :)